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Express Trucking has reinvented the way people do business with transportation providers in the Express Trucking industry and is shaping the future of the freight industry through the Internet by generating unprecedented business opportunities.

Express Trucking offers something no other transportation or logistics shipper can: the most highly relevant search results in the industry. The Expedited Group owns over one hundred web domains, including some of the most powerful in the industry:,,, and, each operating independently with their own management teams and company brands within the Global Brand of The Expedited Group.

Express Trucking operates as a global provider of premium freight services in a best-in-class segment of the expedited transportation industry. Services include: Air Freight, Air Cargo, Air Charter, Expedited Ground Transport and Just in Time Delivery for the Time Critical Shipping Business.

Express Trucking search engine dominance enables the Company to catch market transitions that are taking place with the Internet’s next generation shipping customers. The innovative acquisition of key Internet domains and advanced search engine optimization has created a barrier for entry from others and secures The Expedited Group’s most valuable assets: its domains. This also ensures continued scalable global growth with our core business and enables The Expedited Group domains continue to get the best search results as the Internet continues to grow.

Express Trucking is earning an exceptional reputation for an evolution in the transportation industry and is largely responsible for its enormous growth in a sector that suffered a tremendous downturn with the sudden reversal of the global economy. The Management recognized that if Express Trucking were to succeed in the future, it had to gear itself to participate in an Internet revolution devoted to the ongoing expansion of its brands, particularly in the Expedited Freight segment of the industry.

Express Trucking is revolutionizing the world of transportation and logistics and is rapidly gaining market share among its competitors through top placement of its premier Internet domains, time critical delivery solutions and available capacity. Each venture demonstrates the Company’s devotion to selecting relevant market segments and the right opportunities.

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