Express Cargo

Express Trucking operates a network of exclusive-use Express Cargo Vans and Express Cargo Straight Trucks to Express Cargo Tractor-Trailers. Our network provides access to the largest fleet of Express Cargo Vans and Straight Trucks in the industry. This Express Cargo Fleet is equipped with in-transit tracking and satellite communication systems.

Express Cargo ground capabilities within North America consist of exclusive use, non-stop, door-to-door express ground transportation service throughout the United States, and into and out of Canada. When you have special handling requirements such as Hazardous Materials, Express Trucking can efficiently manage your shipments using specialized equipment such as lift-gates or temperature-controlled vehicles.

Our drivers can be at the pickup within 90 minutes of being dispatched.

Express Trucking dispatchers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist with your Express Cargo shipments.

Weight Capability
Door Dimension
Length of Space Available
Express Cargo Van
3,000 lb.
48"w x 60"h
10 feet
120 inches
Express Small Straight Truck
6,000 lb.
85" x 72"
12-14 feet
144-168 inches
Express Large Straight Truck
12,000 lb.
85" x 88"
16-24 feet
192-288 inches
Express Tractor Trailer
44,000 lb.
102" x 104"
53 feet
636 inches

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