Express Transportation

Express Trucking includes a branch of Express Transportation vehicles devoted specifically to getting your materials to you quickly and on-time. We are experienced in many different types of transportation from the most difficult, unconventional requests to your everyday transportation needs. We carry an expansive selection of Express Delivery Cargo Vans, Straight Trucks and Tractor Trailers so we can be sure to meet the unique needs and requests of our customers. Express Trucking carries both the best vehicles and the most professional drivers so that you have an all-around positive experience utilizing our services. We strive to accommodate and please each one of our customers by recognizing and meeting each of their individual needs.

Express Trucking is at your service no matter what time you need something delivered. We operate on local, regional and national scales, so whether you're down the street or across the country, we can deliver your cargo as quickly and efficiently as you need it.

Express Transportation Services

  • Delivery to Local and Out-of-Town Areas
  • Combining Freight for LTL shipping
  • Multiple Vehicles for Short-Distance Transportation
  • Organizing Cargo for Maximum Capacity Transporting
  • Meticulous Matching of Vehicle to Cargo
  • Expert Arrangement of Cargo
  • Consulting and Utilizing Contractual Partners
  • Specialized Transportation Assistance Devices
  • Professionally Trained and Expert Drivers
  • Price Analysis and Service Needs

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